a group of men talking about their time in men's rehab programWhen it comes to addiction treatment, women and men can have very different experiences. As a result, individuals struggling with substance use disorder often require treatment approaches that take gender differences into account. At Alina Lodge, we have found that gender-specific treatment can be an extremely effective way to ensure that men and women get the help they require. In the men’s rehab program in our New Jersey facility, the addiction specialists at Alina Lodge address the unique needs of men battling substance use issues to ensure that they get the tools they need to achieve long-term sobriety. 

If you or someone you care about is interested in learning more about the long-term gender-specific rehabilitation programs at Alina Lodge, reach out to us online today or call 833.685.1700.

Why a Men’s Rehab Program?

Simply put, men and women heal differently. This is in part because, in our culture, men are often trained from the time that they are young that demonstrating emotion and vulnerability is a sign of weakness. It follows that as a rule, men in recovery tend to take longer to open up than women, a fact that can be made more complicated when women are present in recovery. It also has to do with the fact that men often need different kinds of therapeutic approaches than women. Men often experience anger issues, for instance, and when men have experienced trauma, it is usually of a type that women have not.

By interacting exclusively with other men, however, they can be more open and get the gender-specific help that they need from day one. This new-found openness often leads to attitudes towards substance use that can result in lasting progress and genuine change. Additionally, one of the many vital aspects of an addiction treatment program is that it allows individuals to build a strong social support network. In the men’s rehab center at Alina Lodge, the kind of peer support and group work that our students engage in can prove extremely useful once they have left our facility and have begun reintegration into daily life.

In our men’s rehab program, we ensure that each student who enters our care is provided with custom-designed treatment plans that suit their particular needs. If you or someone close to you is ready to take the steps they need to free themselves from substance use, our men’s rehab program in New Jersey might be the right choice for you.

The Benefits of a Men’s Rehab Center

There are numerous advantages to gender-specific treatment. Among these are:

  • Treatment that targets men’s needs – In a men’s rehab program, we can address the issues that men struggle with the most.
  • Greater focus and fewer distractions – Recovery requires a great deal of attention. In a gender-exclusive environment, men can concentrate on finding what they need to complete their rehabilitation.
  • Men-only therapy – Men-only groups encourage men to take the time they need to open communication, and because no women are present, they can be more comfortable expressing themselves.
  • Developing a support network – The bonds you establish in the men’s rehab center will be essential both during and after your time at Alina Lodge. 

This list of benefits is, of course, not comprehensive. However, if you feel that you or someone close to you might benefit from a men’s rehab program, Alina Lodge is an excellent place to start. 

Reach Out to Alina Lodge Today

Not all programs are right for every individual battling a substance use problem. At Alina Lodge, we have discovered, however, that many men benefit from an all-male environment and that such programs can lead to genuine, long-term sobriety. To learn more, reach out to Alina Lodge using our convenient, secure online form, or call us at 833.685.1700.