Haley House for Women

Transitional Living

At Alina Lodge, we’re committed to providing the best possible chance for long-term recovery. One effective method of maintaining sobriety is enrolling in a sober living community. At Alina Lodge, we’re proud to offer Haley House sober living options to help ensure our client’s ability to stay drug-and-alcohol-free during treatment and beyond.

Designed to Foster Healing and Growth

Haley House offers a new beginning for women seeking recovery in a supportive, nurturing environment. Our beautiful transitional living home provides women in recovery a dignified residential halfway house with a clinically driven 12-step-based program to foster healing and growth.

Our home is open to women 18 years and older who have successfully completed primary addiction care and choose to embrace the 12-step philosophy and recovery.

Haley House sits along the banks of the Paulinskill River in northwestern New Jersey on ten beautiful, wooded acres adjacent to the main campus of Alina Lodge. The spacious design of the interior boasts a great room, kitchen, dining room, meditation room, exercise room, nine bedrooms, and an apartment for step-down care as applicable. The décor is warm and inviting to make the residents feel comfortable and relaxed.

Our professional and compassionate staff works with each resident, identifying strengths and weaknesses to design treatment plans based on attainable and realistic goals. In this supportive environment with individualized attention, women develop the skills necessary to create a full and enriching, alcohol-free, and drug-free life. Call us today at 908.224.9099 for admissions information.

Haley House is licensed by The State of New Jersey Department of Human Services, Division of Addiction Services.


A Transitional Halfway House for Women

Haley House puts great emphasis on continuing to heal the “Whole Person,” concentrating on mind, body, and spirit.

Our staff is the heart of Haley House. The team consists of credentialed staff and women in recovery, some of whom are alumni of the Haley House program. With the combined expertise and experiences our residents have the benefit of strong clinical programming and a 12-step based perspective.

Each member has a special relationship with one another fueled by the dedication to provide every resident the opportunity to live a productive and prosperous sober life, one day at a time.

Healing the Whole Person

Our Twelve Step, abstinence-based treatment model provides a comprehensive array of services to help and encourage our residents to continue to learn to live sober.

Our multi-disciplinary team has been trained and holds certifications in the following treatment modalities:

  • CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy)
  • DBT (dialectical behavior therapy)
  • Family therapy
  • Schema-focused therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Trauma treatment & IFS (internal family systems)
  • Anger management

Our staff is also trained in nutrition, meditation, and three-centered knowing (love addiction, gambling, and co-occurring disorders).


Individual Counseling


Therapeutic modalities – holistic approach to meet individual resident needs with training in: CBT, DBT, Schema Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma-Informed Care. Treatment Team includes: Licensed & Certified Addiction Counselors, Psychologist and Addiction Psychiatrist, Family Therapist, Trauma-Informed Counselors, Eating Disorder Specialist, Certified Nutritionist.

Group Therapy


A 12-week Curriculum (THEMES) include: Disease of Addiction, Thoughts, Feelings & Emotions, Values, Beliefs & Spirituality, Character Assets & Growing Edges, Codependency & Boundaries, Assertiveness, Communication & Conflict Resolution, Co-occurring – Avoiding Complacency & Relapse Prevention, Self-Esteem & Self-Care, Family Disease & Family Recovery, Denial – Acceptance, Relationships, Relapse Prevention, including STD, HIV Risk

Family Reintegration


Our Family Reintegration program focuses on effective communications, a clear set of boundaries, and listening with an empathic ear.

Working directly with family members helps integrate all perspectives.

Our team works tirelessly to help residents prepare for transitioning home or to a new environment in order to bring about a seamless, stress-free transition.

Educational & Vocational Guidance


Providing assistance and materials needed to continue education, find a job and get in touch with local volunteer organizations.

12 Step Meetings


The 12 step philosophy is a way of life and must be learned through active membership in the 12-step fellowship.

Life Skills

Immersion Training

Basic life skills which need to be learned or re-learned in sobriety are addressed in group discussion and experiential exercises and practices.

Recreational Activities

On and Off-Site

To promote a sense of adventure and self-discovery, learning how to enjoy sobriety and all that life has to offer, we provide residents with the opportunity to engage in off-site activities, such as camping, cooking classes, and creative/expressive arts.

Adjunct Therapies

Onsite Therapists

On site and referrals to psychiatrist, psychologist, eating disorder therapist and other Professional services as needed.

24/7 Staff Supervision


Understanding the ups and downs of recovery, we have Resident Advisors that are available to provide understanding, guidance and support.



Haley House encourages and provides a safe, nurturing, and supportive living experience for women who have completed treatment for addiction; however, they may need more time, assistance, and practice living sober. Residents receive treatment with diverse counseling modalities with a robust 12-step component. Our integrated services, excellent staff, and emphasis on the whole person–and the whole family–contribute to our successful track record with those suffering from addiction.

Our Residents:

  • Women 18 years of age or older
  • Drug and alcohol-free for at least 30 days
  • Demonstrate a willingness and commitment to a life of recovery
  • Willing to work, volunteer or explore educational opportunities

An in-person or telephone interview is required as a part of the admissions process. Residents must arrive at Haley House directly following primary care treatment. A vehicle is not required, however strongly recommended due to the rural setting of our facility.

  • Minimum stay 28 days
  • Recommended stay (6) months or longer

Our Team

The Heart of the Haley House

Our staff is the Heart of Haley House. The team is made up of women in recovery who work and live a Twelve Step program. Each member has a special relationship with one another fueled by the dedication to provide every resident the opportunity to live a productive and prosperous sober life, one day at a time. The team at Haley House has a combined 100 years of experience with women at Halfway Houses.

Jackie Ré

Jackie Ré

Director – MACC, LCADC, CCTP and Anger Management Specialist, Level 2

Having graduated from St. John’s University in 1990 with a BA in Psychology, Jackie began her career in Human Resources and Office Services/Training. She had a strong desire to help others and work with people. Her journey led to a change in the industry, and Jackie began her career at Haley House in 2011 as Resident Advisor. She was promoted to Resident Advisor Supervisor and Counselor in 2013.

In 2017, Jackie accepted the position of Program Director. Her positive approach focuses on providing appropriate and specific services, keeping the needs of each individual in mind. She has a passion for helping women in recovery and has her BA, CCTP (Certified Clinical Trauma Professional), her CADC (Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor) and Anger Management Specialist, Level 2. She is currently working towards her Master’s Degree in Clinical Counseling and LCADC.

Christina Sgaramella

Christina Sgaramella

Lead Counselor – LCSW, LCADC

Christina attended The College of New Jersey and received a BA in Psychology in 2007. She began her counseling career at Capitol Care, Inc. in April 2008 and remained for over four years working in the substance abuse department. Christina was a counselor in the Intensive Outpatient Program and developed an IOP for adolescents. After working at Capitol Care for two years, Christina was promoted to the Manager of Substance Abuse Services. She remained in this position until she began her employment with the Little Hill Foundation in the Fall of 2012. Christina served at Little Hill Foundation’s Alina Lodge as a female counselor for over five years before joining the Haley House team.

Christina received a Master’s degree in Social Work from Rutgers University in May 2013 and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker as well as a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor.

Andrea Brancato

Andrea Brancato

Resident Advisor, Counselor

Andrea is currently pursuing her counselor of drug and alcohol certification, having been a special education teacher for many years.

Haley House is very near and dear to her heart and has played a big part in her pursuing a new career in the field of recovery.

It is very rewarding for her to work with wonderful women who help others achieve sobriety. For this she is very grateful.

Mandy Cunard

Mandy Cunard

Resident Advisor

Mandy received her degree from the University of Tulsa in Communications in 1974. Upon returning to her hometown of Noreaster, PA., Mandy began a long career in Hotel/Resort Management. However, she always felt a call to work helping others.

She began her career with Little Hill Foundation in 2011 as a Facilitator, and was promoted to the Supervisor of the Female Facilitation team in 2012. Mandy joined the Haley House team in 2017 as Resident Advisor and assists in administrative duties and group facilitation.

Yolanda Smith

Yolanda Smith

Evening Staff – Resident Advisor

Yolanda Smith is a Resident Advisor and has been a part of the Haley House team since 2011. She is grateful to assist the residents with everyday living. Seeing the growth and maturity within women in recovery is exceptionally amazing to her.

Yolanda was previously employed full-time by the East Stroudsburg School District. She has been in the area for over nineteen years and loves being a part of the Haley House community.

Mara McGloin

Mara McGloin

Resident Advisor

Mara’s life has been dedicated to helping others. She spent 9 years working with special needs and special education children at AHRC in New York City. She began her journey with Little Hill Foundation in 2017. For three years Mara was one of the female facilitators at Alina Lodge before she became a Resident Advisor up at Haley House where she gets to continue her passion of helping others.

Tara Fincher

Tara Fincher

Counseling Intern/RA

Tara graduated from Wheelock College with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She worked as an Investigative Social Worker for the Department of Social Services Neglect and Abuse Agency. Simultaneously, Tara pursued a career in physical fitness, which eventually evolved into her own Personal Training and Fitness Instructor business. Tara also has extensive experience in the foodservice industry, where she was a Manager and Catering Sales Manager for Panera Bread LLC. Tara is currently pursuing her C.A.D.C while working as a Counselor Intern/RA at Haley House.

Contact Haley House

At Alina Lodge, we are committed to our clients’ long-term recoveries. Our sober living options at Haley House are an excellent way to get support and accountability in the early days of recovery. To learn more about this treatment option, please call Alina Lodge today at 800.575.6343.