Most Commonly Prescribed Opioids

Opioids include prescription pain medications. Doctors often prescribe these medications when a person is struggling with significant pain after a surgery, accident, or disease. Yet, over time, opioids create addiction and dependence, making it difficult for a person to stop using them. The most commonly prescribed opioids can be used safely if the prescription is…

family support

Importance of Family Support in Recovery

A person working to overcome drug and alcohol addiction has to face many challenges. A component of that is working through the pain and difficulties that develop in close relationships. Yet, it is those relationships that may help make all of the difference in the long term. A family therapy program can provide the resources…

overcoming social anxiety

5 Methods for Overcoming Social Anxiety

A person with social anxiety tends to struggle in any social situation. That could be meeting new people, interacting with people at work, or managing relationships. Anxiety treatment isn’t as simple as just learning how to get through the experience. Rather, it’s essential to learn about your condition and how to overcome social anxiety effectively…

living with bipolar disorder

Living with Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is characterized by periods of high energy and times of deep depression. For those who do not have their condition managed well, living with bipolar disorder becomes difficult. Every day can seem like a new challenge, and living a life you love becomes difficult to do. With bipolar disorder treatment, it is possible…