Alina Lodge is Standing Ready

  Alina Lodge is Standing Ready We are accepting admissions April 17, 2020 Alina Lodge stands ready to provide addiction treatment for recovery as these trying times only exacerbate the stresses on people struggling with substance use disorder (SUD).  Covid-19 changed the landscape of the recovery community and many people have had to implement new […]

2020 Spring Refresher

  2020 Spring Refresher at Alina Lodge Step away from the chaos of daily life and renew the foundation of sobriety that you gained at Alina lodge. Alina Lodge is now offering Alumni Refreshers.   Does your program need a refresher? Are you feeling spiritually centered? Do you need to return to the Lodge to […]

Gratitude Picnic

  Gratitude Picnic A message from Erica Norris I’d like to tell you why the Picnic is so important to me personally. You see, I am a recipient of the Scholarship Fund. Without it, I would not have been able to finish my stay at Alina Lodge. When I ran out of funds, Alina Lodge […]

Nutrition and Recovery

  Nutrition and Recovery Good nutrition is vital to the recovery process March is National Nutrition Month Alcoholism and drug addiction is a disease of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life.  At the very basic level, alcoholism and drug addiction creates a lifestyle that starves the addict in all these areas.  We […]