PTSD triggers

Recognize Potential PTSD Triggers

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, affects about 8 million Americans every year. While many people deal with this disorder, still more people have been through some sort of trauma. Not everyone who experiences a trauma will have PTSD, but everyone can learn about it. The more information we have about its symptoms, potential triggers, and…

woman experiencing signs of relapse

Most Common Signs of Relapse

After going through the challenges of stabilization and recovery from substance use disorder, it can seem like the achievement of sobriety should be final and permanent. Nobody wants to go through treatments repeatedly, so when relapse occurs, it is crucial to know what the early signs might look like to quickly so that treatment can…

emdr therapy for anxiety

How EMDR Therapy Can Help Anxiety

Many people struggle with an anxiety disorder, while many others misunderstand it. Anxiety’s debilitating effects can be underestimated, and those who have anxiety can feel isolated as a result. When individuals are dealing with anxiety, learning about the disorder, as well as how to treat it, can ease fears. While nobody is immune from feeling…

nutrition in recovery

The Importance of Nutrition in Recovery

Recovery takes more than just quitting. It requires making efforts towards both physical and psychological health, and nutrition plays its own important role. Substance use disorders can arise out of many different situations, including having an eating disorder or having difficulty maintaining a healthy diet. Fortunately, there are caring and knowledgeable professionals who can provide…

group sessions working through the stages of rehab

Understand the Stages of Rehab

Taking the time to complete a rehab program can feel daunting, especially if you or your loved ones don’t know what to expect. Understanding the stages of rehab can help with visualizing a future free from addiction. These stages are generally known as the transtheoretical model. Everyone will have their own individual path to recovery,…

family discussing depression and family relationships

Depression and Family Relationships

The symptoms of depression can present themselves in many ways, and family relationships are often adversely affected by the behaviors that depression can cause. While changes in a family member’s behavior might feel frightening, especially if they seem to be negative changes, it’s crucial to understand that family support can be life-changing for those experiencing…

cocaine addiction symptoms

Common Cocaine Addiction Symptoms

While there are many stereotypes surrounding substance use disorders and those who struggle with cocaine addiction, many people misunderstand the reality of the symptoms, which can lead to difficulty in identifying that there’s even a problem. However, staying well-informed can help make it easier for us all to acknowledge when we need help for cocaine…