a woman scared for her friend suffering from heroin overdose symptoms

A Closer Look at the Primary Heroin Overdose Symptoms

When taken in high doses, heroin can be fatal. Therefore, knowing the primary heroin overdose symptoms is important for anyone struggling with heroin addiction or who lives with someone who is. The 5 “Red-Flag” Heroin Overdose Symptoms Heroin overdose can happen quickly, especially after an injected dose. Within minutes, the individual usually starts to feel…


Healing a Beautiful Broken Mind – A Documentary Film

https://www.alinalodge.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/HABBM_Trailer.mp4 Close Healing A Beautiful Broken Mind goes inside the lives of those who have faced addiction and found recovery. It features the story of MC, an Alina Lodge graduate, who struggled with fifteen years of addiction, narrowly escaping death and finally, in 2016, embraced that he was indeed enough and worthy of recovery. MC…