September E-Newsletter 2023

Hello Alumni Family,

September is National Recovery Month. It is an annual observance dedicated to increasing awareness about substance use disorders, mental health issues, and the amazing journey of recovery. At its core, Recovery Month emphasizes that recovery is possible. It highlights the fact that millions of people have successfully overcome addiction and mental health challenges, leading fulfilling lives and contributing positively to their communities. It offers the chance to shatter stigma and celebrate our achievements in our recovery journeys.

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Recovery Month also underscores the importance of support systems. As we all know, addiction is a disease of isolation. Recovery is not an isolated endeavor but a collaborative effort that involves individuals, families, communities, and healthcare professionals all working together to provide the necessary assistance and encouragement. This united front against addiction and mental health issues is crucial for achieving lasting recovery and overall well-being.

Ultimately, Recovery Month serves as a reminder that recovery is a reality, hope is within reach, and support is available. It encourages everyone to join the effort in creating a society that values and supports individuals on their journey to recovery, free from judgment and stigma. It is a month of unity, compassion, and empowerment, helping individuals and communities come together to make a positive difference in the lives of those affected by addiction and mental health challenges.

Meet Jenn

After working as the Alumni Relations Coordinator for High Watch Recovery Center for 6 years, I am honored to join the Alina Lodge team and continue building a community of support and fellowship following discharge. Being in recovery myself, I know how hard the first days, weeks, and months can be after leaving treatment. I hope to create an atmosphere where alumni look forward to staying in touch with not only each other but also Alina Lodge and its staff members.

After meeting some of Alina’s Alumni at the Annual Gratitude Picnic, I’ve decided to also create a biweekly group for guests while they are in treatment to explain the alumni program and get to know every future alum.

Creating a community is a vital step in all of our recovery journeys, and I hope to be able to enhance the one that started for every guest while they were at our facility. In the coming months, we will be encouraging every alumni to join our community app, as well as our Facebook page to stay connected and learn about upcoming alumni events! These are all additional avenues to bolster community as we trudge the road of happy destiny together. I hope to meet each one of you soon and look forward to seeing you online.

Jenn Dunleavy
Matt Kolf

Meet Matt

Matt Kolf has been a part of the High Watch Alumni team and will now be joining Jenn to enhance communication with our Alina Lodge alumni. Matt reaches out to every guest after discharge to follow up and check-in. In the first year after discharge, Matt will call each alumni at certain intervals to see how they are doing but also to remind them that we are here to help and support them however possible.

Matt is also part of a collaboration of data collection professionals working together under the direction of FoRSE and NAATP. The data collection itself will happen through anonymous texts or emails sent directly to your phone. Through this work, we will demonstrate the value of addiction treatment and examine differences in outcomes across levels and systems of care and patient demographics.


Anniversary Night - every Saturday
6pm Dinner
7pm Anniversary Celebration

You are invited to come back & celebrate your anniversary with us!

For over 65 years, Alina Lodge has hosted Anniversary Night honoring the sobriety milestones of our alumni. It is an opportunity for you to bring a few guests, have the traditional chicken dinner and carrot cake, and share your story.

During your time at Alina Lodge, you made a commitment to reclaim your life, and through hard work, determination, and resilience you have forged a path to recovery. Take a moment. Celebrate YOU and your milestone of sobriety. Take a moment and reflect upon the past year. By celebrating your anniversary at Alina Lodge, not only are you honoring your own achievements, but also offering encouragement and strength to those in our care currently navigating the challenges of their addiction.

Anniversaries are based on your discharge date from Alina. To schedule your anniversary, call Alina 908-362-6114 and ask for Renee at ext. 233.

Your journey can be an inspiration to us all. We hope to celebrate YOU soon!