Benefits of Group Counseling

There’s a famous saying about raising a child, noting that “it takes a village.” The same can be said for recovering from an addiction. Group counseling offers many benefits to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction and experience a lifetime of sobriety in recovery. Group therapy for addiction can help you or a loved one get through a wide array of challenging situations. For those battling a drug and alcohol addiction, the group therapy program at Alina Lodge can be beneficial in helping to usher you into recovery and teaching you essential life skills that will make it possible to enjoy long-term recovery.

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What Is Group Therapy for Addiction?

Group therapy for addiction is one of the ways you can receive the support you need and deserve to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol. The benefits of group counseling include having a safe space to share your thoughts, life experiences, successes, and struggles with others on a similar journey. Group counseling will be facilitated by a trained therapist who will work with you and your peers to enable self-discovery without fear of judgment. Group therapy for addiction can occur in groups as small as three but will often consist of anywhere between 8 to 12 people. The bonds made during a group therapy program often prove essential in preventing relapse.

Meetings are held in a comfortable setting. Each individual is encouraged to introduce themselves, share their stories, talk about their unique experiences, and update the group on their progress since the last meeting.

Group therapy for addiction can be beneficial for students recovering from a substance use disorder because they will:

  • Be held accountable
  • Learn that they are not alone
  • Receive real-life advice from others who understand their journey
  • Have a safe space to share their success, failure, worries, hopes, and fears

The Benefits of Group Counseling

In group therapy for addiction, students will be engaging with others in a safe place. Additionally, you will be holding each other accountable during your treatment and recovery. All of this happens in a safe, supportive environment and fosters camaraderie and vulnerability within each individual and the group as a whole. Group counseling will help you build life skills that you will rely on every day during your long term recovery, as well as offer a number of other benefits, including:

  • Developing strategies for self-care
  • Boosting your self-esteem
  • Reducing stress
  • Reducing the risk of relapse
  • Improving your coping skills
  • Identifying and managing triggers
  • Fostering a sense of purpose

Being vulnerable as you tell your addiction story is a critical piece of the recovery puzzle. By understanding that there are others facing their problems and working to overcome their addictions, you will be more capable of opening up, listening to new ideas, and receiving the human connection necessary for moving forward. The most important of the benefits of group counseling is ushering in a happier and healthier life with a support network of understanding people who have your back when things get hard.

The Importance of Rehab Alumni Program

One of the benefits of group counseling is the ability to stay connected with the staff that helped you through therapy and remain in touch with other people who also completed treatment through a variety of in-person and online events and opportunities. After group therapy for addiction, you can participate in diverse events designed to keep you engaged and living a sober life as part of our alumni program. Some of the opportunities may include:

  • 12-step meetings
  • Social outings
  • Cookouts
  • Social media rehab alumni groups
  • Hiking, camping, and other nature encounters
  • Arts and crafts
  • Volunteer events

You are not alone in your addiction or your recovery. Whether you are looking to start treatment or have already completed an addiction treatment program, group therapy for addiction can help you get the additional help you need while becoming a part of a community. Find the support you need and deserve today.

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