Healing Relationships After Rehab

When we think of the damage caused by substance use disorders, it’s easy to focus first and foremost on the physical damage done to the body and mental anguish suffered. The downstream effects of an addiction to drugs and alcohol take a toll on families and loved ones. Healing relationships through compassionate family therapy at Alina Lodge can be critical to holistic recovery. We’re a safe and secure facility dedicated to long-term care and rebuilding families devastated by addiction. Reach out to us today online or call 833.685.1700 to discuss how we can help with your life after rehab.

The Wider Impact of Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction doesn’t impact only you; it can affect the lives of everyone around you, including family, friends, peers, and co-workers. Whether you have struggled with a painkiller addiction, alcohol use disorder, or have developed a dependency on cocaine, your siblings, kids, best friends, and partner will likely have seen their lives negatively impacted too. This is because drug and alcohol addictions don’t just damage the body of the user, but they also destroy their most important and long-term relationships. Therefore, healing those relationships needs to be one of the focuses of life after rehab.

Addiction does not discriminate. Regardless of your background, family situation, or profession, a substance use disorder will have changed who you are and how you have treated others in your wake. Your behavior, words, and actions while at the mercy of the addictive substances may have dramatically altered you and, as a result, may have caused harm to your loved ones. Healing relationships that have fallen apart is critical in creating a life worth living in recovery.

Tips For Healing Relationships

Rebuilding connections and mending broken ties is not an easy task, but it is essential to enjoy life after rehab. Some of the anger and resentment felt, and hurt caused, could make it challenging for you to make amends with specific individuals. Here are some tips for healing relationships and bringing estranged friends and family back into your life of sobriety.


All healthy relationships require two-way communication. The process of healing relationships involves reopening the lines of communication with those you have hurt during your addiction. Begin by letting these people know that you would like to reconnect and have received help and treatment for your addiction. Ensure them that with the help of long-term professional care at Alina Lodge, you are ready to rebuild what you’ve broken if they are prepared to forgive and see you as a new person. It is essential to be patient with these individuals. If the scars are still fresh or the hurt too deep, they may be reluctant to trust you even though you are living life after rehab. It may take additional requests to receive a response and make amends.

Ask for Forgiveness

With addiction often comes denial. But to live a healthier and happier life after rehab and work on healing relationships, you must acknowledge the mistakes you have made and the hurt you have inflicted on the people around you during your battle with addiction. You may be harboring guilt and shame about your past, which is normal. But the time has come to apologize and ask for forgiveness. Family members and friends could be hesitant to forgive. They may appreciate your words but may want to see actions that let them know you have changed for the better. Starting with honest apologies and keeping new promises made will rebuild trust and free yourself from the guilt. This will make it possible to continue healing relationships after rehab.

Live Life Intentionally

No healthy relationship can survive inactivity. When drugs and other substances dominated your thoughts and actions, you likely put your best and oldest relationships on the backburner. Take this opportunity now, as you explore recovery and life after rehab, to:

  • Spend more time with important loved ones
  • Ask to be involved in their lives
  • Show honest interest in their interests
  • Show up for events
  • Keep your commitments

Most of all, be intentional about your actions and how you want to live your life after rehab.

Attend Meetings

Not only is Alina Lodge focused on rebuilding families and healing relationships, but we also emphasize long-term care and support through alumni programs. By being actively engaged in support groups during your life after rehab, you demonstrate how serious you are about your sobriety and long-term recovery. Attending meetings will also help you connect with other people who may have a shared experience and are currently going through the same process of healing relationships after addiction. Receiving support and advice and hearing their stories of making amends not only will inspire you but will also likely give you fresh ideas for healing your relationships.

Be Patient

Rebuilding damaged relationships can take time. Remember that your friends, family, and co-workers didn’t receive the addiction treatment you did and haven’t been working on healing relationships and themselves. They have been maintaining their lives at home, school, and work and managing the associated relationships. You should not expect them to drop everything to focus on you, your needs, or rebuilding the fractured relationship with you. Be patient and understand that it will take time to earn their trust again. This patience and your ability to stay humble throughout the process will make healing relationships possible.

Not All Relationships Can Be Healed

Unfortunately, not every relationship can be mended. In some circumstances, the resentment may run too deep, and the hurt might be too painful. This won’t be easy to come to terms with, but it’s the hard truth of addiction. You cannot let this discourage you. Instead, dedicate your time and energy to healing relationships with those you love and care for, knowing it will take hard work and patience. In the end, this knowledge will help you stay on your path to recovery and remain committed to your new, sober life after rehab.

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