Gender-Specific Treatment

When choosing a drug and alcohol treatment center, there are many factors to keep in mind. The quality of the programs offered and the innovative solutions provided are essential. It is also vital to choose a place you feel comfortable in and one where you can open up to deal with your addiction. At Alina Lodge, one of the critical ways in which we have created that kind of space is through our gender-specific treatment programs.

Each person struggling with addiction exhibits characteristics that have affected their substance use. We tend not to think of gender as being one of these, but there is little question that individuals of different genders experience drug and alcohol abuse differently. If you are interested in learning more about our gender-specific treatment programming and the benefit of men’s and women’s rehab centers, reach out to Alina Lodge online today or call 833.685.1700.

What Is Gender-Specific Treatment?

In many ways, people perform better in drug and alcohol therapy when they can let down their guard and feel comfortable in their surroundings. That’s the goal of our gender-specific treatment. Whether you are entering into our drug detox programs or our long-term care program, you will get to work with people who are either men or women. Additionally, a gender-specific treatment approach allows our addiction specialists to focus on the issues that are particular to the individual experiences of women or men in treatment.

What Are the Benefits of Gender-Specific Treatment?

Gender-specific treatment is meant to put you at ease while addressing the problems specific to your gender. It is designed to give you a safe place to learn and grow. There are many benefits to it, including:

  • Allowing women to feel capable of talking about sensitive topics without risk
  • Letting men open up freely without feeling weak or judged
  • Addressing gender-specific issues like domestic violence, parenthood, problems in the workplace, and so on
  • Encouraging conversations that may be hard to talk about with a gender-mixed group
  • Enabling more one-on-one conversations with other members
  • Creating opportunities that create friendships and a strong support network

If you have to open up to your counselor about past trauma or the way you feel, you want other people around you who have gone through the same struggles. This is one of the critical advantages of our gender-specific treatment.

Gender-specific treatment programs are an opportunity for you to become a better version of yourself. By providing you with a safe place to do that, we are confident you’ll achieve the best level of care possible at Alina Lodge.

What Can You Expect from Our Gender-Specific Treatment Program?

When you enroll in our drug and alcohol recovery program, you’ll receive a comprehensive consultation and assessment to determine what your unique needs are. We’ll then help you choose a program that’s right for your needs. That may include:

  • Family therapist support
  • Trauma specialists
  • Certified nutritionists
  • Individual treatment
  • Group treatment services

Our team will always provide you with the exceptional opportunities you need, whether that is through our holistic or our evidence-based treatment plans.

As a participant in our continuing care plans and our aftercare planning services, you’ll also work with our team to ensure you’re ready to get back to life or to work on creating a new one. You’ll also get the family support services you need to work on relationships. You’ll be ready to take on new challenges and not have to turn to drugs or alcohol to cope.

Seek Our Complete Care at Alina Lodge

In our gender-specific treatment program, you can gain the confidence and knowledge you need to turn over a new leaf. If you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction or mental health concerns, it takes one step towards working with our team to get the results you need. Contact Alina Lodge today to learn more about the treatment options we offer. Speak to our counselors at 833.685.1700 today.

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