Choosing One’s Own Way


Choosing One’s Own Way

Gratitude and Our Scholarship Fund

In Victor Frankl’s stirring book, “Man’s Search for Meaning” Frankl, who writes about his experience as a Holocaust and Nazi concentration camp survivor, states,
“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”


I was reminded of this quote in mid-October when I attended our annual 5K event and the inaugural Melinda Mattar Memorial Golf Tournament benefitting the Little Hill Foundation, where the devastating loss of two different young adults were celebrated and honored.

Our 5k event was highlighted by the abundance of white tee shirts representing, “Team Kyle”, who ran, jogged, and walked in honor of a young local man Kyle, who tragically died from his addiction in August. The strength of spirit by his mother and all that attended was staggering.


“… I can’t express enough gratitude for their gift….”


The golf outing was spearheaded by the Mattar Family, owners of Mattar’s Bistro in Hackettstown, who tragically lost their beloved daughter to an opioid overdose last year. Despite the devastating and painful experience of losing their child, they found the strength to honor Melinda by putting together a golf outing and donating all the proceeds to our scholarship fund, in the hopes that they could help someone else seeking sobriety. The event itself was overwhelming. Held at The Panther Valley Golf and Country Club, there were roughly 215 golfers spread over the course of two days. The outpouring of love for the Mattar family was remarkable and unlike anything I have ever seen.

The Mattars and Team Kyle have embodied the Frankl quote: That despite having had the disease of addiction take their daughter and son respectfully, their attitude and subsequent response to these tragedies was to help others. In addiction/recovery parlance, they were powerless over their child’s addiction, but now in their own recovery they have the power to do something.

As a father of two children in junior high, I wonder how after the death of a child one even gets out of bed, yet these families, despite their profound sadness and unimaginable suffering have mobilized others to come together to celebrate life and raise money for our scholarship fund. I can’t express enough gratitude for their gift.

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