It’s about time.


It’s about time.

A message from our Executive Director – William Robbins

I must say I have spent a lot of time lately thinking about both our founder, Mrs. Geraldine Delaney and our most recent Executive Director, Michael Hornstein. As I embark on my own stewardship of Little Hill Foundation and work with our Board of Trustees to create a vision of our future, I inevitably keep returning to our past.

Bill Robbins - Executive Director - Little Hill Foundation
I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Renee Harman, our Director of Development, and peruse a stack of old photos of our campus and the women and men that embarked on the journey of developing Alina Lodge. I have listened to our Clinical Director, Gerry Gunnels, a clinician here for over 35 years, tirelessly teach our clinical staff about the principles of recovery that Mrs. Delaney espoused. I have watched Michael, at over 80 years old, find the balance between focusing on the clinical needs of the students at Alina Lodge and the philanthropic and fiduciary needs of the organization at large. I have learned about the scarcity of quality sober living homes for women that led to the building of Haley House in 2007 as well as our local community’s needs for quality mental health and addiction treatment that led to the creation of North Warren Counseling Center in the summer of 2018. And lastly, I have spoken to the men and women that have returned to our spiritual grounds here at Alina Lodge to celebrate their sobriety from their 1st year up to their 45th. We have a rich history indeed.

               “It’s about time.”

Yet, some may speak of Alina Lodge as antiquated, out of touch or old, as if our history in helping thousands of men and women get sober is simply that…history. They may suggest that these “old” principles of acceptance, commitment, gratitude, humility, surrender, and willingness are no longer applicable. I reject that perspective. I believe that these spiritual principles remain the very foundation of sobriety and it is what we focus on in treatment every day. Our history, our time, our experience makes us unique and highly effective.

Time has allowed us the opportunity to gain expertise. Time allows our men and women the opportunity for their brain to begin to heal from the cunning and baffling disease of addiction. Time allows for emotional vulnerability. Time allows for the development of spiritual growth. Time allows for a true authentic self to emerge. Time allows for experience and a treatment approach that works. If you need help, please reach out. We are here for you. After all, it’s about time.

William Robbins
Executive Director
Little Hill Foundation

We treat all types of chemical dependency such as alcoholism and drug addictions including cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, as well as prescription drug addiction. If you or a loved one struggles to stay sober, contact us today.


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