Not Just January


Not Just January

Today’s society expects instant gratification and immediate results

Thérèse Smerklo, Counselor, Alina Lodge
Every January thousands of people set out to make a New Year’s resolution. The intention is that the resolution will not be “just for the month of January,” actually, 31 days is just the beginning. Any type of change requires a long-term commitment. This is true of recovery as well.


Most people who have been drinking or using drugs have been doing so for a long time before it occurs to them, or their families, that help is needed. It isn’t prudent to think that a short-term fix can remedy years of addiction and the underlying problems that are associated with it. Our average client has “gone through” multiple short-term treatment facilities, only to leave, baffled that they began to drink on their way home. This is not an uncommon story. Many people haven’t even fully detoxed from long term physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms at the end of 28-day programs.


“It isn’t prudent to think that a short-term fix can remedy years of addiction.”


Today’s society expects instant gratification and immediate results, and while we wish that could be so with addiction, the factor of time is often the greatest ally. Long term treatment may seem daunting and overwhelming but if you, or a loved one, has done the “28 day revolving door” type of treatment then you have already been engaged in a long term process that has simply been piece-mealed together without the desired results.

For today, simply make the call. Ask how long-term treatment can help you or your beloved family member achieve and maintain long term sobriety. We are a non-profit organization with the sole intention of helping families find hope.

Alina Lodge has been helping men and women pursue addiction recovery and sobriety for the past 63 years. Let us not only help you learn tools to be abstinent but tools to be sober. Call Alina Lodge right now to start on your journey to sobriety – (800)575-6343 . There is a place where “Hope can become Fact.”


Thérèse Smerklo,
Alina Lodge


Little Hill Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Alcoholics operates Alina Lodge, Haley House for Women, and North Warren Counseling Center for the purpose of helping people attain and maintain a life of sobriety.

Alina Lodge
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Alina Lodge is a premiere long term residential alcohol and drug addiction rehab facility specializing in the treatment of adults with a history of chronic relapse issues. More than just a 12 step program, our treatment program works where others have failed.

We treat all types of chemical dependency such as alcoholism and drug addictions including cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, as well as prescription drug addiction. If you or a loved one struggles to stay sober, contact us today.


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