Staying Sober in the Age of Social Distancing


Staying Sober in the Age of Social Distancing

It begins with Gratitude

April 10, 2020

Staying Sober in the Age of Social Distancing, Alina Lodge
While we all continue to adjust to the closure of businesses, schools, places of worship, etc. during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to remember that addiction is not going away, and neither is recovery.  If you are suffering from an addiction, or are in recovery from an addiction, there are some things you can do to care for yourself during this difficult time.


Keep a routine.  Keep sitting down to meals. Don’t forget that morning cup of coffee you enjoy.  Keep as much structure in your day as you can.  My family is making a point of getting up and dressed at our normal time to maintain our routine.  For all the “different-ness” of this experience for my kindergartner, she knows she is expected to be dressed for school (albeit a bit over-dressed because she does not have to worry about avoiding twirly dresses on gym day) and it feels as normal and comfortable in a time of change and discomfort.


Stay connected virtually.  While in-person meetings are on hold, the need for accountability and solidarity remains.  Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Al-Anon are offering web, phone, and virtual meetings that can be found online or through their apps.  Alina Lodge and Haley House are offering meetings too and that information can be found here:   If you see a therapist, reach out to your therapist to discuss telehealth sessions.  If you are connected with a religious organization, look into their virtual services.  The community is still there.

Pick up the phone.  Sometimes I forget that my phone makes phone calls, too!  Keep calling sponsors and sponsees and continuing checking in regularly.  Reach out to friends and family who support your sobriety.  It is vital, particularly in this strange time, to continue these practices that remind us that we are not alone and can be of service to others.


Remember your physical health.  Exercise reduces stress, improves sleep, and improves our mood.  Go for a walk, do some yoga, get your hands dirty in the garden, or join a virtual exercise class such as CrossFit, boxing, or Zumba.  Try to eat balanced meals and pay attention to how certain foods affect your mind and body.


Set boundaries.  Remember that boundaries are self-care.  If you are sharing your home with others right now, make clear what you need in order to stay healthy, whether that is time alone, time without the news on in the background, certain times of day when you need to be able to work remotely undisturbed.

Remember, we can do this (and are doing it) one day at a time.  If a day feels like too much, break the day down into more manageable chunks (one hour at a time or one minute at a time if that’s what you need).  Alina Lodge is here for you as we all navigate this experience together.


Megan Hein
Counselor, MA, LCSW, LCADC
Alina Lodge


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