What Is Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention?

One of the most effective therapies used to overcome addiction or mental health disorders is mindfulness. Being aware of the present moment and one’s immediate surroundings is something that can get desensitized over years of trauma or grief, and engaging our senses in the present moment can bring us back to the tools that lay in front of us for further coping, living, and thriving.

At Alina Lodge, our expert therapists are ready to guide you and help you gain insight. We understand that meditation, mindfulness, and yoga each provide us with important and renewable tools for personal growth and progress. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and mental health disorders, our team can help. Our MBRP therapy program has been an effective tool in many people’s recovery journeys. It can help you or someone you care about too.

What Does Mindfulness-Based Therapy Look Like?

Many of us haven’t had a background in our lives that has provided us with specific practices involving mindfulness, meditation, and yoga skills. While you may be new to these subjects, the truth is that you already have everything it takes to practice these skills regularly.

Once you are enrolled in our mindfulness-based relapse prevention program, some of the exercises and practices may be intimidating to try. So, some tips for those going into our mindfulness-based relapse prevention program for the first time include:

  • Swallow your pride and be open and willing to try new things. Your therapist may talk you through sensory grounding exercises, which can require you to step outside your comfort zone. However, one of the basic concepts of mindfulness-based relapse prevention is to let yourself go and embrace treatment.
  • Be aware of your body and its current capabilities. If you are worried about trying an exercise because you think it may be painful or extend beyond your body’s abilities, it’s okay to say no to that particular exercise or to adapt it to work for your body.
  • Get ready to do consistent work. Mindfulness-based therapy works best when it is consistent and regular to train the body to respond more appropriately to perceived threats. Find a time and place where you can practice these skills daily, fitting them into your routine.

MBRP Therapy at Alina Lodge

Mindfulness-based relapse prevention (MBRP) therapy is something Alina Lodge is proud to offer. We encourage anyone who’s recovering from substance use disorders to give it a try. At Alina Lodge, we take several approaches to form a complete MBRP therapy program, including:

  • Meditation on the body, practicing the “body scan,” or checking in with each part of the body and observing how they feel
  • Breathing exercises can help stabilize the system if a threat is perceived
  • Hatha Yoga, which includes movement and breath work to improve the connection with the body
  • Long-term programs that are there for students no matter how long it may take to achieve recovery and sobriety

Ultimately, MBRP helps students at Alina Lodge gain insight into tools and practices that they already can start doing and how they can build those practices into new daily habits and routines. This can provide just the right amount of structure for long-term maintenance of sober living.

Embrace MBRP Therapy Today at Alina Lodge

It can be difficult to find recovery and healing in the same environment where pain and suffering have taken place. However, you can find new perspectives, reconnect with yourself, and reconnect with nature at our comfortable and relaxing New Jersey center. At Alina Lodge, our welcoming and knowledgeable team is happy to help, so contact us today by calling 833.685.1700 or completing our online form.

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